Buonipresagi, ma più essenziale

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Sulla fuffosa questione dei “gettoni” di presenza degli scrittori ai festival letterari sollevata da un blog del Fatto Quotidiano, è interessante ricordare come spiegò qualche mese fa Neil Gaiman la sua tariffa (45.000 bigliettoni con la faccia di George Washington sopra):

if you want to hire me to come and talk somewhere, and people do, I’m expensive. Not just a bit pricy. Really expensive.

The main reason I got a speaking agency, ten years ago, was because too many requests for me to come and speak were coming in. And the speaking requests were, and are, a distraction from what I ought to be doing, which is writing. So rather than say no, we’ve always priced me high. Not Tony Blair high, or Sarah Palin high (last time I read about them, they’re about $400,000 and $150,000 respectively). But I’m at the top end of what it costs to bring an author who should be home writing and does not really want a second career as a public speaker to your event.

So if you want to pay me to come in and talk, it’s expensive.

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