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Shingō village is the location of what is purported to be the last resting place of Jesus, located in the “Tomb of Jesus” (Kirisuto no haka), and the residence of Jesus’ last descendants, the family of Sajiro Sawaguchi.[1] According to the Sawaguchi family’s claims, Jesus Christ did not die on the cross at Golgotha. Instead his brother, Isukiri,[2] took his place on the cross, while Jesus fled across Siberia to Mutsu Province, in northern Japan. Once in Japan, he became a rice farmer, married, and raised a family with three daughters near what is now Shingō. While in Japan, it is asserted that he traveled, learned, and eventually died at the age of 106. His body was exposed on a hilltop for four years. According to the customs of the time, Jesus’ bones were collected, bundled, and buried in the mound purported to be the grave of Jesus Christ

Shingō, Aomori - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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